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Eva Chatelain flute ukulele

Photo taken by Alain Lechardeur, during our show Animalissons (2023)

Creating songs and tunes
Singing, playing the transverse flute, the ukulele, the autoharp… I love mixing all those instruments to create music tunes coming with my videos. I record all the voices myself, in my peaceful studio in Normandy (France).

Shows in public
I also like playing music in public, on several occasions: In our show Animalissons, I'm playing music, singing and drawing live, with 2 other musicians. And sometimes I make musical readings of my children's book Gustave Mouche (where I'm using several instruments to punctuate the different moments of the story).

Compositions and covers on the internet
I also sing songs on the plateform Twitch, where I'm livestreaming from time to time.

And you can find my compositions and covers on my YouTube channel.

My personal songs are available on music streaming platforms too: Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, etc.


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