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I am fond of inventing the musics of all my videos.

I usually mix transverse flute, ukulele and singing to compose those pieces.

I love creating links between my different passions, videos are a great format to combine illustration and music.


Lately I was working on a project with a musical side and a graphic one, with connections between them.

The song "Encre" (="ink") (of which I wrote the lyrics too) was created with this in mind.

Concerning the graphic side, I created a zine (small graphic magazine), the 4 first issues are available in my shop.

My zine (which title is also "Encre") allows me to talk about creative process in many ways.
For example, when I wrote the song "Rêves sauvages" (="wild dreams"), I illustrated the different steps of my process to invent music and lyrics, and then I created a comic from them, which you can read in the 2nd issue of my zine.

You can also listen to my other musics and a few covers on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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